Pixel Wallet is a one-of-a-kind 100% customizable minimalist wallet.  If you love minimalist design or simply think your current wallet is too bulky for your lifestyle, you’ll love Pixel. Pixel was designed with you in mind and combines every function a wallet should have without the unnecessary. 

Pixel Wallet is very different from any wallet out there because you can customize it. From the material of the slates (individually customizable), to the elastic band and the strip + leather combo, you get to pick EVERYTHING. You shouldn’t have to settle for the boring wallet one size fits all available in everyday stores.  

Plus it has a unique mechanism that allows you to store 6 to 8 cards between the two slates and access them easily.

Our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign was just succesfully funded! You can still pre-order yours now with shipping starting at the end of Summer 2020.

Yes it sure does! The wallet can hold cash, coins, or a key without a problem. The shape of the elastic bands can hold these items securely.

Pixel Wallet is 57mm X 90mm. The elastic band is 1.5″ (or 38 mm) wide .